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Striving to provide the best service possible.

Where do you turn when you want to transform your heating and air conditioning questions into solutions? To Yakima's finest of course, AccuTemp Heating and Air Conditioning.

Whether it's simply time for your annual heating and cooling tune up, or you're getting ready to remodel and have questions about the benefits of a quiet and efficient ductless system, we truly enjoy answering your questions. Give us a call.

Staying cool and dry on hot humid days, while staying warm and comfy in the winter is the heart and soul of heating and air conditioning systems, but don't overlook some of the other benefits of a well-maintained and up to date HVAC system:

  • A healthier indoor environment for those with allergies or asthma.
  • Lower energy costs!
  • More personalized comfort through zoning technology.
  • Less vacuuming and dusting.
  • Mold is less likely in a home where humidity is controlled.

The owner, Scott Reavis, believes in surprise-free estimates. Scott is a plain-spoken man who hates a, "But I thought…," just as much as you do. With over 15 years in the industry you can count on Scott and his team to provide fast, accurate, surprise-free estimates.

And after you've gotten your free estimate, you'll be pleased with the care that Scott and his team take with your home. Whether it's a simple tune up, or a major installation, Scott and his crew treat your home as if it were their own--it's truly a white-glove experience.

So new home or existing, new installation or retrofit, a service call or just a request for some honest advice, give us a call at AccuTemp Heating and Air Conditioning. You'll be glad you did.